DbLib v0.4.0 Released

DbLib v0.4.0 was released on June 11th, 2018. The most notable change in v0.4.0 is how the library configuration is handled. 

The configuration file is now in the Json format. This allows for greater flexability to intergrate DbLib into other projects. PDO Attributes can also be set now in the config file instead of being hard coded into the application. Exceptions are now thorwn as well if the configuration file is malformed to make debugging easier. 

One of the major limitations in previous version's was that the connect method was private. This hindered the ability to extend DbLib to meet a projects specific needs. That has changed in v0.4.0, as all method's are either public or protected. Unit and Functional test's were also added in v0.4.0 bringing code coverage to 96% between the two test suites. 


DbLib replaces DbClass

With the depreciation of DbClass, geeShoe Development has released DbLib as it’s successor. The decision was made to abandon DbClass as the entire library needed to be refactored to better suit the applications intentions. 

DbLib makes is easier for developers to work with MariaDb and MySQL databases in their code base. With intuitive methods that automate a lot of repetitive tasks, developers can spend more time coding new features and fixing bugs, rather than writing repetitive database queries. For example, to get a record from a database, all that is needed for the executeQuery() is $whatTable, $byWhatId. That’s it. DbLib handles the rest.

Stay tuned for the info page and more examples of what DbLib can do for your project in the days to come...

dbClass v0.2.0 Released

The latest version of dbClass has been released. This release doesn’t provide any new major features but does improve configuration flexibility. Namespaces are now fully PSR compliant as well.

dbClass will look in the parent directory of composers vendor folder for the config.ini file. In most situations, this will be your root directory for the application you’re building. You have the option of supplying your database details here in this file, or you may specify an alternate location for your database config. This would be useful for more specialized applications needs. v0.2.0 eliminates the need to modify db.php. All current and future configuration options will be set in the new config location. A sample configuration file is included in the release.

You can install the latest version of dbClass through composer or view the source on GitHub!

Developer Insight: Crevalle

Following the December 2017 announcement of the Crevalle framework, development is in full swing. In fact this update  that you’re reading was written and published using Crevalle. The primary goal of Crevalle is to allow developers, administrators, or the common joe to manage website content on the fly. From anywhere, at anytime, Crevalle will make content administration effortless.

The foundation for Crevalle is being developed under the current PSR’s allowing easy integration into existing applications, without the need for any heavy code refactoring. For developers, this means less time writing custom code or using a full fledged framework such as Drupal for a simplistic application. However, Crevalle can be easily integrated with full scale frameworks for larger projects.

Crevalle takes advantage of geeShoe Developments Authentication and Database libraries. But if you would rather use a different method for user authentication or content storage, Crevalle’s flexability gives you the option without any headaches.

Authentication Library v0.1.1 now available!

geeShoe Development initially released php-auth-class on January 4th, 2018. Version 0.1.1 has now been made available on GitHub. 

php-with-class is a library intended for user authentication and management within php applications. Currently in active development, php-auth-class makes it easy to add and verify user credentials  within your application using using MySQL or MariaDB.

Currently, password hashing is done by utilizing PHP’s crypt_blowfish mechanism, but will include the option to use the Argon2 mechanism in the near future. 

For those utilizing composer, php-auth-class can be found on packagist and installed by:

composer require geeshoe/php-auth-class

Crevalle framework in the works...

The Crevalle framework, in it's current state, is a article management application written in PHP. It's purpose is to make it easy to create, modify, and manage content on remote servers. Project pages, development, & release information coming soon.

Croaker Announced!

What's Croaker you ask? Croaker is a project management application geared towards software developers. Currently in active development, Croaker development builds will soon be available for download on GitHub.

Check back soon for more details!

dbClass-php v0.1.0 Released

dbClass-php is a PHP class for connecting to MySQL databases using PDO instances. Check it out and provide your feedback. Good and bad.