What the heck is a geeShoe?

Pronounced g-shoe - A nickname given to Jesse Rushlow.

While sitting at a bar one night in Chicopee, MA some time back, a good friend of Jesse's looked over at him and said, "Hey! Do you know what Jesse is in polish?" Not being polish, Jesse replied with "Nope, but i'm sure you're about to tell me." And of course his friend came back with "It's Geeshoe!" While no one has yet to confirm nor deny if geeshoe really means Jesse or is even a word, the nickname stuck instantly.

History of geeShoe Web Development

Jesse started geeShoe Web Development in 2016 with the goal of providing open source projects to the public. These projects at the time were a collection of scripts that Jesse used mostly on internal projects. Everything ranging from bash scripts for servers, to complex web applications.

While the bulk of the libraries developed by Jesse have yet to be released. geeShoe Web Development is working hard at taking those libraries and packaging them up for use by other developers. Each application / library is being refactored to meet current development standards & practices. This includes providing test method's for the code base, writing easy to read documentation, and preparing them for deployment to be readily available repositories, such as GitHub and Packagist.

Going forward...

Jesse is putting together a project called distantDev, among other things. distantDev is being developed by geeShoe Web Development, but will be released under it's own branding and platform. While details are still being thought out, distantDev will be a place for remote developer's to get together, share their idea's, collaborate, and learn from one another. This concept already exist's with MeetUps. However, many developers are unable to attend traditional MeetUps for one reason or another. distantDev aim's to fill in that gap. More details on that later...